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Inteview & Media Workshop

The sport of rodeo is evolving and, more than ever, contestants and queens need to be well-spoken representatives of the sport.  This workshop focuses on presentation, confidence, rodeo promotion, interview skills, social media, and sponsor promotion.  This program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group. 


Three Hours or More

Public Speaking Workshop

Did you know that nearly 75% of all people have a fear of public speaking?  This workshop focuses on eliminating those fears through education and empowerment.  Whether prepared or impromptu, professional public speaking is a powerful life skill applicable to rodeo queens, committees, contestants, and more.  This program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group. 


Three Hours or More

Motivation & Mindset Seminar

Motivation and a positive mindset are the keys to success.  This workshop focuses on attitude, goal setting, and harnessing external and internal motivators to reach unprecedented levels of success.  This program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group. 


Three Hours or More

Sponsorship Seminar

Acquiring and maintaining sponsorship relationships is the key to success in all aspects of rodeo whether for a committee, contestant, or queen.  With firsthand experience in sponsorship management, rapport with the biggest brand names in the Western industry, and a finance degree from the University of Notre Dame, Katherine's guidance and techniques will allow you to attain your financial and sponsorship goals.  This program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group. 


Four Hours or More

How to Host A Successful Fundraiser

A fundraiser can make or break your year.  For a rodeo committee, it means the difference between operating at a loss or increasing added money.  For a rodeo queen, it means the difference between limiting your schedule and wardrobe or marking off every rodeo and dream outfit off of your bucket list.  With a multitude of fundraisers under her belt that exceeded financial expectations and a finance degree from the University of Notre Dame, Katherine's extensive knowledge and experience will help you reach your next fundraising milestone. 

This program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group. 


Four Hours or More

Pageant Preparation Workshop

From personal interview to on-stage modeling, preparation is the key to pageant success.  This workshop focuses on the main areas of pageant judging excluding horsemanship: appearance and personality.  Topic areas include but are not limited to: modeling, personal and horsemanship interviews, rodeo queen speeches, and impromptu questions. 

Three Hours or More

Titleholder Tips & Tricks Clinic

Most clinics focus on winning the title, but this workshop focuses on how to prepare for success after the crown is placed on your cowboy hat.  From packing to handling rodeo committees and borrowing horses, this workshop will answer all the questions you've ever had about holding a local, state, or national title...and more! 

Three Hours or More


Rodeo Queen Horsemanship Clinic

Horsemanship not only sets rodeo queens apart from beauty queens, but is at the heart of a rodeo queen's job.  With a background in the National Reining Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Association, experience competing in reining, ranch riding, dressage and jumping, and multiple horsemanship awards, Katherine brings a plethora of experience both inside and outside of the rodeo arena to teach all levels and all aspects of horsemanship. Rodeo Advantage does not provide horses or tack. 


Five Hours or More

Rodeo Queen Knowledge Seminar

Rodeo queen knowledge is required in nearly all areas of competition, from interviews and impromptu questions to the written test.  What does "rodeo queen knowledge" actually mean and what are you expected to know at each level of competition?   Study smarter by knowing the areas that you need to focus on while preparing for a pageant and maximize your points on the written test by learning the most effective study techniques and best test-taking skills. 


Three Hours or More

Rodeo Queen Appearance Clinic

Appearance is one of the three major judged categories in any rodeo queen pageant.  From hair and makeup to fit and style of clothing and accessorizing an outfit, appearance points are earned through preparation and details.  As a photogenic, appearance, and presentation winner, Katherine can teach you tricks of the trade and increase your scores in appearance across the board.


Three Hours or More


Rodeo Queen Modeling Workshop

Rodeo queens don't only model in pageants.  They model at luncheons and other events and as part of sponsor fashion shows and photo shoots.  Rodeo Advantage teaches technique, patterns, posture, and confidence.  This clinic can be tailored based on the level of participants.


Three Hours or More


Rodeo Queen Application Seminar

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  In a rodeo queen pageant, the application is the judges' first impression.  That initial perception can influence a judges' opinion of you throughout the entire pageant.  This seminar covers the entire application process including materials, formatting, details, and the submission process. 


Three Hours or More


Rodeo Etiquette Clinic

As a titleholder, etiquette is everything.  Whether it's in the rodeo arena or at the dinner table, etiquette is a quickly fading art that elevates you above your competition and will serve you throughout your life.  This clinic teaches proper etiquette over a meal with discussion of table manners, proper grammar, and appropriate table conversational topics.  Additionally, arena etiquette can be taught as part of this clinic with a minimum duration of four hours. 


Three Hours or More


Custom Workshop

Don't see what you're looking for you?  Rodeo Advantage can build a custom workshop to your specifications.  From a combination of any of the above clinics to addressing other goals, this workshop is fully customizable to your audience whether targeted toward rodeo committee members, contestants, or queens. 


Three Hours or More


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